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[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Presents the people and the discoveries of 20th century science and technology in a variety of accessible, and interactive Web features. Based on the PBS television series.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Activities, games, and quizzes on a variety of science topics. Wonderful study aid for children aged 9-13.
[ Kids ] - Introduces chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and computer science. In English and French.
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Groups of articles on a wide array of topics, like volcanos, geology, living in the North, bugs, weather, and pets. Lots of weird facts.
[ Kids ] - All sorts of big and small questions are answered here, and include things that puzzle kids worldwide.
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Illustrated descriptions and activities on Earth Science and Space. Includes links to related materials and suggested learning activities.
[ Kids ] - A resource site of science and nature fun activities, strange facts, photos, illusions and products. Interesting stuff for both kids and parents.
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Useful information about humans, animals, space and the planet we live on. Includes quizzes, picture galleries, games, and news stories.
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Comics, experiments, and interactive activities that answer questions like 'Why is the earth round?' and 'How do CDs work?'
[ Kids ] - Answers to kids' science questions and fun science demonstrations for kids to do.
[ Kids ] - Check out the daily demo, watch a video clip or listen to an audio clips, and learn more about Bill Nye himself.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Club for girls who get together with women scientists and do fun experiments. Site also has games and experiments to do at home.
[ Mature Teens ] - Links to sites offering information about various science careers, mostly in the life sciences, but also including astronomy.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Energy-related science information for kids -- plus resources for teachers. Includes 'Ask a Researcher' feature.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Delivers informative articles, online games, a chat room, online science games, live web cams, showcase of video clips, and a station guide.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Offers homework help, articles, interactive activities, virtual tours, science fair ideas, and projects for kids.
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Includes activities about the earth, space, oceans and water, weather and climate, physics and chemistry, and geography and mapping. [Requires Macromedia Flash Shockwave and Apple Quicktime].
[ Kids/Teens ] - Miniature versions of some of the most popular exhibits at the Exploratorium.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Presents a mix of science information and activities, from toilets to steam engines. Includes quizzes, games, videos and articles on the science and the history of science.
[ Teens ] - Pairs middle school girls in Columbus, Ohio, with mentors at Capital University to study science.