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[ Kids ] - A Plus Math Games, including multiplication, addition and subtraction, and division.
[ Kids ] - Automatic flashcard drill cycles through multiplication tables. Choose from three different speeds.
[ Kids ] - Java applet offers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, LCM and HCF practice.
Includes math games for addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
[ Kids ] - Games and activities to help kids learn skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and place value. Offers a different set of problems each time the page is loaded.
[ Kids ] - Features a different math challenge every other week. Provides tips for solving the challenges and an archive of past challenges and solutions. From DuPage Children's Museum.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Covers word problems, negative numbers, and estimation.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Interactive learning application that spans grade levels 4-10.
[ Kids ] - Answer math questions to score runs. Requires Macromedia Flash plug-in.
[ Kids ] - Free download or online Flash version of an educational math game called Number Crunch.
[ Kids ] - Explains what multiplication is and gives some practice with simple problems going up to the four tables. Uses bricks to give hints. A Thinkquest site.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Action packed games, adventure stories and an online math magazine provide skills practice in math.
[ Kids ] - Help Dexter find the hidden pieces of gold by solving these multiplication problems correctly.
[ Kids ] - Online maths games to develop addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.
[ Kids/Teens ] - combines computation, problem solving and critical thinking activities to create a balanced program of study for children, ages 4 to 14.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Part of the edu4kids network of educational drill games. Designed to allow people to practice math at various levels of difficulty. Includes timer and scoring options.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Practice with equivalent fractions, reducing them, improper and mixed fractions, and the multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction of fractions. Flash required.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Explains about prime numbers, common factors, equivalent fractions, finding the reciprocal and repeating decimals.
[ Kids ] - Print out free math worksheets with answer keys to practice solving 52 levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Web-based addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, and decimal practice.