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DUI Classes – From Start to End

October 7th, 2013 12:43 am

Attending DUI classes may be terrible for you considering the time you would have to spend for it when you should be making money, the fees and expenses which you have to deal with or even just the kind of classmates that you will be with in these classes. You might even think of it as an added price to pay for your alcoholism. But it’s the court order! In this case, there’s no truly better way ahead but an earnest acceptance of the court order. You may not realize the value of these classes for now but in the long run, you will thank the court, your DUI teachers and even your good DUI classmates for helping you overcome DUI and regain that good driving behavior you may have had before. But for the more important part, these classes can help you build a resistance to the temptations of alcohol most especially when you are aware that you still need to drive.

Acceptance can then bring you to the next stage: choosing the best DUI class for you. You have to consider many factors such as your budget and time in choosing the class that truly fits you. You can choose among less expensive DUI schools though the actual tuition is really high. You can also choose DUI schools with class schedules that fit your work shift.

After choosing, thoroughly discuss the details and features of the class with the school to make sure you have the best choice. When you are already sure, enroll and learn!

DUI classes often have strict policies probably intended for instilling self-discipline which the offenders may have lost for a time. You have to abide by these policies so that you will not get into a bigger trouble. Always come on time because if you are late, you will not be allowed to join the class anymore then you have to set another time for a make-up class. Missing three classes in a row will kick you out of the program. A bigger disappointment on your part, imagine spending a lot of money for nothing! You may be allowed to miss around 10 classes irregularly for justifiable reasons before you could be terminated. But if you have been absent for more than this allowed number of days, you will then be terminated.

You might find DUI classes either tedious or easy depending on your driving experience, willingness to learn and alcoholic problem. But either way, you do have to finish the course. If you still feel being forced even at this time, try thinking of the money you paid or the chance of driving legally again. Then maybe you’ll realize, the money you spent will be more worthy if you learn and participate in class.

Then as you finish the course, receive the completion certificate and have it credited in court. But the most important part is applying what you have learned, when you’re already on your own, on the road trying to be a responsible driver again.

Founded in 2008, North Metro Traffic School is one of the largest State Approved providers of court and traffic school programs and classes. From the beginning, their mission has been to build a business that would improve the quality and overall customer experience within court services industry and DUI Schools in GA. Unlike any other driving school in the state, North Metro Traffic School classroom’s are new, spacious and feature all new equipment. Plus their instructors make the classes as entertaining as possible!

How to Choose the Right E-learning Program

July 23rd, 2013 3:15 am

Are you wondering whether you need to join up for an elearning course either for education or training? You’ll need the right inputs because they help you get ahead in life. Many people are interested in participating in this type of learning but are concerned about the quality of the education that they will receive and about how their degree or web based training will be viewed by others when they finish their online courses. Therefore, it is important to consider some of the following things when looking for an e-learning program.


Accreditation is the term that schools, colleges and universities use to indicate that they meet the quality and standards set forth by a nationally recognized accreditation agency. Schools that are accredited by the National Education Association have proven that they have a quality program that provides accurate information to their students. Also, students may transfer credits between different colleges and universities that have been accredited by the National Education Association. That means that if you begin your degree online and then chose to attend a traditional college or university that is accredited that you can transfer your credits and not have to retake courses that you have successfully completed.

Just as accreditation provides the student with helpful information about the quality of an online distance education program’s quality, it is also provides information to potential employers. Employers will understand that you got the web based training necessary to succeed as an employee in their company.

Graduation Requirements

Once you have determined that the school is accredited, it is important to understand the graduation requirements before you enroll in online courses. You want to look for an e-learning school that requires you to get a well rounded education within your area of study so that you are well prepared to enter the work force.

Quality of Teaching

Remember, that you are hiring the school and paying them for a service. Your professors are professionals whom you are hiring to teach you. Therefore, it is important and well within your rights to inquire about their credentials. For example, you might be interested in where they attended school, whether they have worked in the field that they are teaching, how long they have been teaching and whether they have published any articles, studies or books in the subject area.

Success of Students

It is important to research and inquire as to how much support the online program will provide to students. Different students have different e-learning styles. Some are completely independent learners who do their work with minimal assistance from their professor or support person. Other students need to be able to ask questions of their professor and interact with other students in order to learn. Therefore, is important to understand how students can contact their professor, whether there is any student interaction and how different e-learning styles are accommodated.

Further, computer or technical support is often an important part for online distance education. All of your class work including quizzes, tests, homework sets and research papers will need to be submitted online. So, it is important that you have the technical support necessary to complete your work and earn good grades.

Success of Graduates

If you are going to take the time away from your work, family and personal interests to pursue an online degree then it is important that you understand the types of benefits that might be available to you when you finish the program.

The best way to do that is to see if the online program maintains an alumni directory. That way you can e-mail a few alumni and ask them what they think the benefits were of attending the program. If the school does not maintain a directory then ask them for a few alumni references. They may be happy to comply with your request.

Time and Cost

Certainly, accreditation, a challenging curriculum, the quality of teaching and the success of students and graduates are important. However, if the logistics of the program do not work for you then all of the other criteria are meaningless.

So, when you are deciding which e-learning program to enroll in be sure to think about the flexibility of the program’s schedule and the cost of the program, including any financial aid opportunities. Choosing which school to attend is a big decision that could potentially impact your future career. Therefore, it is important to take the time to choose a quality e-learning program.